Pakistani and Indian cuisine

Grójecka 42, 02-320 Warszawa



Asian Palace Restaurant

Our atmospheric restaurant is situated at Grójecka Street, in Warsaw. It offers the opportunity to try Pakistani and Indian dishes. Our guests may choose from a variety of dishes which tempt with their inviting appearance and incredible taste. The restaurant serves about 70 dishes. Each time you visit us, you may try different finest examples of Asian cuisine. We pay undivided attention to taste and aesthetic qualities when we prepare juicy meat or fresh vegetables and we make sure that they are properly transported from Pakistan and India.

Healthy, colorful, low-calorie and tasty cuisine.

We would like to encourage you to eat healthy and pay attention to the aesthetics of your food. Dishes which owe their colorfulness to vegetables, traditional Pakistani bread baked in a tandoor, shrimps, fish, lamb meat served with rice and vegetables guarantee healthy and fiber-rich meals. What is more, the best oriental spices exert a positive effect on your health.

Halal meat

In our restaurant, we prepare meat employing a traditional halal method. It means that meat does not contain blood which stays in the veins when the traditional form of slaughter is employed which causes bacteria to develop. Meat prepared in accordance with the halal method is healthier and really fresh.

We kindly invite you to come to our restaurant
from Monday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
at ul. Grójecka 42, Warszawa